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The Outlaw - Tim Schneider

My goal for this car was to make an extended wheelbase car, with front
and rear airfoil shapes (teardrops). I found the wood to be too thin
in the middle, so two carbon fiber rods were used to help reduce body
flex. The car was wrapped with 3M Damping Tape. This gave the body a
brushed metallic appearance, and additional strength/vibration
damping ability.

Outlaw Orange - Chris Kostik

I raced this outlaw car to 1st place in the adult unlimited division!
The competition continues to get faster and faster in this division
every year. I have already begun work on prototypes for next year's

'32 Deuce Coupe - Michael Pecora

My '32 Deuce Coupe was built for my pack's open race. It was built for
show, not speed.

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 11, Issue 14

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