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SoCal Coupe - Nathan Paul

I built this car the SoCal Coupe because I always liked the look of
the car. The finished product was okay; I just need to work on the
smaller wood items next time (front struts and axle mounts). They
were a little tricky to keep from cracking when installing the axles
and the brass starting rod on the front of the car. I didn't race
this one on race day but did put it through some runs on testing day
and it did okay.

Nimbus 2000 - Bob Hodgeman

My son Sam, a Bear this year, is a voracious reader. He recently
finished the Harry Potter series, and his mom voiced the idea of
making a Harry Potter themed derby car this year. Thus, the idea
behind the Nimbus 2000 was born! We drilled a hole in the back for
lead wire, I did the rough cuts on the scroll saw, and he did the rest
with a Dremel. He picked a shade of polyurethane stain that worked
well, and we pulled bristles out of some glue brushes I had in the
tool box for the broom bristles, which are attached with rubber
cement. For finishing touches, we wrapped gold thread (tacked in
place with super glue) around the bristles and used hot glue to attach
Harry. I surprised him a couple of days before the derby with my
hand-painted "Nimbus 2000" logos, painted with a super fine artist
brush with about 2/3 of the bristles removed. He was absolutely
thrilled with that small detail! While the car didn't finish at the
top of the standings, he was just as happy with his "Cub's Choice"
design award!

Semi Cab - Bob Hodgeman

My son Jacob, now a Tenderfoot Boy Scout, built this car for our
pack's Outlaw Division, so he was able to go with an extended
wheelbase. The original block was supplemented with another partial
block on top to form the cab, as well as 3/8 inch basswood sides to
fill out the cab and form the fenders. Jacob did everything, from the
rough cutting on the scroll saw, to working with the Dremel, to the
paint job (I did help with the masking). From concept to finish, this
one is absolutely HIS car (a fact that he's rightly very proud of). A
neighbor with a vinyl cutter supplied the Autobot logo. Next up, he
wants to build the matching trailer and add starting-gate-activated
sound & lights!

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 11, Issue 14

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