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Great Karma!

My father - the boy's grandpa - loves coming to the annual Cub Scout
derby race for our cub pack. He helps everyone and loves to cheer for
his boys. He also is quite involved in the building of the derby cars,
and as a retired engineer spends a lot of time on the details.

One year, a couple of years ago, we showed up on race day with our cars,
all of which had MANY hours in them. One of the other boys in my son's
den showed up with just mom and no work done on the car. I kid you not;
the kit was still in the box, no sanding or tweaking of any kind, and
crayon colors on the block of wood. Mom was upset and didn't know what
to do, the cub was crying - kind of a mess. Grandpa stepped up, and in
about 15 minutes on the sideline got the wheels on the car, some lube on
the axles, and some weights glued on top to make weight. That's it.

You guessed it. The car smoked everyone in the den and took second
place in the districts. Just goes to show you that all the paint and
engineering can't top great karma!

Joe Cusack

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 3, Issue 10

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