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Yesterday our troop ran a derby for a pack at a church. I was
score keeping and the scouts were handling the registration, starting
gate and finish line. During one heat the scout on the gate let the
handle slip out of his hand and the rebounding pins launched two cars
off the track to the floor. One car, a wedge, hit nose first and broke
the right front quarter back to the axle completely off the car.

I called an official time out and asked the scout if he wanted to repair
his car. He indicated he would like to, but he needed help. Well, I took
him to the pits repaired the car with epoxy, did a quick alignment with
one wheel raised, lubed, and glued the axles down. We allowed him two
practice runs and continued the race.

He had been in the losers bracket with one loss at the time of the
accident. He went on to take 2nd Place in the pack. Glue? - about five
cents. Lube? - maybe a penny. My time? - nothin'. The expression on
his face? - priceless!


From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 3, Issue 13

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