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Pat & Bob - Joseph Toepert

This is my son Joseph's 2005 Pinewood Derby Car. The inspiration started in November of 2004 when we saw a 'Patrick' ornament at a local store. The ornament had Patrick riding a snow sled. We removed the sled and Patrick turned out to be the perfect size and weight. The build was easy as it just required one cut and some sanding. The painting took several days due to the numerous colors. He receivedthe award for "Best Car That's Not A Car" at the pack Pinewood Derby. It shows how you can think outside the box for some good ideas.

Snake - Mike Sullivan

This is a design that my son Michael sketched out. The car was made from an original BSA kit, We worked closely together, teaching him to use the coping saw, rasp, sand paper, and paint. Michael's car was the fastest in the Pack, by a long shot. It weighed in at 5 ounces utilizing your tungsten cylinders. We trued the wheels, and cleaned the axles with pumice. NyOil II removed that last little bit of friction. Seeing my son so proud of his work and accomplishments is a moment sealed in time and memory!

Ski-Doo - Monty Getz

This is a picture of my daughter Ashley's car. It took 1st Place in speed. It has an extended wheel base with axle holes and one wheel raised. The wheels are H-cut. The holes you see on the top are tapped, and I used set screws to hold the axles in place. The holes go all the way through, with wax paper shims underneath on the axle for wheel alignment. On the rear is a larger tapped hole with a polished brass plug that can be removed for weight adjustment.

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 5, Issue 2

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