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The Elf - Robert Allen

We made this for my son's first race in Tiger Cubs. I researched for
about two weeks on designs and what we could do to make the car go
faster. Then I drew up three different cars, and he picked out which
one he liked best and we made it. We used standard fender washers held
in by wood putty for the weight. The wheels and axles are standard BSA
wheels that come with every kit; only lightly sanded to remove any
imperfections and lubed with graphite. Anywhere the wheel might even
come in close contact with the body was graphited. The custom artwork
- an elf hiding behind a Christmas tree - was done by my son. I did
the power tool work, which wasn't much since I only used a Dremel
tool. All the sanding was done by hand and done by my son. Oh yeah we
won The All City championship in York, PA. Not bad for his first
scouting event.

Ahoy Matey - Quinn & Grant Masek

The black car is The Racer and is the first car my son (Quinn) and I
built since joining cub scouts. I followed your plans but really
didn't do a good job on the axle alignment. He got first in the pack
but 40th at the Scout-O-Rama.

My younger son (Grant) told me he wanted to build a yellow car to look
like the one on the BSA box. I used your speed tips for weight,
balance and axle prep. Again, we have room to improve on the axles (we
weren't doing rail riding yet), but he still got first in the siblings

Flying Wedge & Jeep - Ethan & Dominic Patterson

This is my son, Ethan's, first Pinewood Derby Car. It took first place
in all races to take first place overall in the Pack.

The apple of everyone's eye, the candy apple red jeep stole the show
in the adult division on just looks alone!

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 12, Issue 1

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