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Dick Dastardly's Mean Machine - Frank Tonra

Dick Dastardly's Mean Machine is from the Saturday morning cartoon "The Wacky Races" of the late 60's. Each year I make a pace car to test run the track so as not to wreck any scouts cars. First, I made a 3-D tiger car, then the Batmobile, and last year the Mean Machine. The car uses a BSA block with a few small draw knobs and a craft plant pot. The fins are balsa wood cut outs. Building this car was hours of fun, fun, fun!

Mustang - Rylan Darr

Here is our favorite Gulf Ridge Council winning design car. The Mustang 2+2 was built by Rylan in 2005 to compete in the Classic Car design category. He wanted to make a car just like his dad's car in the garage. So we designed it together, cut it with a band saw, Dremel'ed out all of the contours, and sanded it smooth before applying a layer of primer and four layers of Black enamel paint. For added realism we removed the grill, lights, mirrors, door handles, and gas cap from a die cast Mustang and placed them on his car. The hood lettering and emblems were painted on by hand with a very fine brush. The finished product made him glow with excitement. It was not a fast car but it sure looked beautiful going down the track. I think that one day he may just have his own real mustang that he will restore like me. He sure is off to a good start.

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 7, Issue 6

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