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Ski Racer - Tom Bybee

My 8-year-old daughter took skiing lessons this year and was wildly
enthusiastic about the sport. Her first car design was a natural
expression of her new-found passion. She placed second in the siblings
race at our Pack.

NASCAR COT: Caterpillar Toyota - Brent Whitlow

My father and I take pride in creating full-bodied NASCAR style
pinewood derby cars. Since the COT (Car of Tomorrow) made its debut
last year in the Nextel Cup, we have been trying to create a pinewood
derby version. This year we were able to debut our first ever COT at our
local SAPCAR pinewood derby racing event.

Pink Ghost - Brian & Brianna Fenech

This car is my daughter's submission from her April 2008 Awana Grand
Prix race with Adamsville Baptist Church. The paint is a bright pink with
ghost Lemans stripes. The car features an extended wheelbase wedge
design, offset front wheels, and raised right front wheel. We used flat
black under the nose to ensure instant timing light trigger. All the
tungsten weight is located near the rear axle, precisely at 5.0 ounces.
The wheels are race-ready, graphite-coated slicks. The axles were
smoothed and grooved to reduce friction and utilized Krytox oil rather
than graphite lube. The car raced a total of eight class heats. It sped to
1st Place - Top Speed in Class, then Top Speed Overall to beat all
competition, including parents. The car also garnered 2nd place in class
for design. We're looking forward to starting our 2009 Awana Grand Prix
racer. By the way, Brianna was also the reining 2007 Top Speed Overall,
(See Car Showcase in Volume 7 - Issue 9).

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 8, Issue 2

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