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Stampy - Brian Masek

Stampy was built by my son Grant (8) and I, and is a Wing car.

Coke Duo - Brian Masek

The Diet Coke and Coke cars are also the Wing; I built them to test different axle preparation methods.

Lego Kra-Gl-e - Steve Miller

Like most boys, my son David loves Legos. We have seen many Lego block cars, but wanted to try something different. While we were playing one day, I looked at his Lego Kra-Gl-e (from the Lego Movie - Krazy Glue with some letters missing) and the shape just struck me as the ideal pinewood derby car. We had a lot of fun building it together and thought we might win a design award. Last year our car looked cool, but did not even make it down the track. With a few helpful tips from your newsletter, he not only won best design, but also first place in his division (Wolves). The look on his face was priceless.

From Pinewood Derby Times Volume 14, Issue 13

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